What do you mean by process in service marketing?

The process is one element of the expanded marketing combination of service marketing. A process describes the procedures and methods that must be followed to produce and provide a service. It also determines the degree of customer involvement and the participation required in the creation and delivery of services. The processing of intangible services occurs when the net result is difficult to compare or the process is generally intangible in nature.

The two types of intangible service processes are as follows. Service marketing is relevant to all people-oriented businesses, such as hairdressers, professional services, restaurants and bars, etc. If an element of the linear operation is faulty or obstructed, the customer will judge the service as a whole based on this weak area. We need to develop people, both service staff and customers, who would participate in the production and consumption of the service, since both are simultaneous activities in the case of services.

There are also electronic processes that include things such as the electronic point of sale (EPOS), product barcodes that are scanned on phones or sellers, and other media, such as loyalty cards. If you trust your processes, this allows you and your team to be personal and attentive in delivery. When you move from one house to another, the service provider takes care of the material, but your presence is not necessary. Another way to look at this example is that there is an end-to-end support service, which has allowed transactions between the company and its customers.

Mapping each step of customer interaction using a workflow diagram can be extremely useful for designing the right service process. There are several perceptions of the concept of process in business and marketing literature. Similarly, in a laptop repair shop, you'll receive parts and a repair service that, once again, is tangible because you know the changes made to the physical parts of the laptop. The last type of service processing occurs when information is processed and there is no other processing involved.

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