What are the 4 channels of communication?

While the communication channel you select to transmit your message is important, so is knowing the target audience.


channels retain many of the characteristics of the main channels, but they influence different aspects of each channel in new ways. Television broadcasts, web-based communications, such as social networks, interactive blogs, public and corporate intranet websites, Facebook and Twitter, belong to this growing category of communication channels. In short, the best channel is the one that delivers the message most effectively so that it is understood as intended by the sender.

An important internal communication channel is email, which is practical but must be handled with care. A communication channel is the medium, medium, manner, or method through which a message is sent to its intended receiver. Oral channels are generally used in organizations when there is a high probability that the message will cause anxiety, confusion, or an emotional response in the audience. In the workplace, the main channel of communication is verbal, and much of this communication is used to coordinate with others, solve problems and encourage collegiality.

They are also the channels that require the most labor in terms of the number of people involved in the transaction.

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