Is a marketing degree a ba or bs?

At the undergraduate level, marketing degrees are available as BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BS (Bachelor of Science). The main difference between a bachelor's degree in marketing and a bachelor's degree in marketing is that a bachelor's degree involves more emphasis on the humanities, while a bachelor's degree focuses more on the scientific, mathematical and technological aspects of the subject. A degree in marketing and advertising from Grand Canyon University (GCU) develops your creativity and business skills. This degree in marketing and advertising is offered both online and on campus and prepares you to compete for entry-level marketing and advertising positions in many different environments.

Marketing degrees typically begin with mandatory modules that cover key marketing topics, such as advertising, accounting and business finance, communications, management skills, professional and personal development, marketing psychology and decision science, business ethics and law, campaign management, statistics, and online marketing. GCU offers this marketing and advertising degree online and on campus to provide maximum flexibility to continue your education from anywhere. Students determine the environmental factors that affect marketing strategies and apply traditional and cutting-edge techniques in product promotion, pricing, distribution, and development. It can include topics such as leadership, economics and finance, while offering marketing courses.

This degree can provide a path to earning a bachelor's degree or higher degree and may qualify you for an entry-level position in marketing. While marketing focuses on generating leads and promoting products to a target audience, public relations focuses on maintaining a positive reputation for a company. Specialize in online marketing and you'll explore the concepts and tools needed to plan, deliver and track an effective online marketing campaign. An associate degree in marketing might be the best option for you if you want to enroll in a post-secondary program and gain a solid understanding of this field, but you're not yet sure if your goal is to earn a four-year degree.

This course presents the models and practices used by contemporary marketing specialists in dynamic and fast-paced domestic and global markets, including the concept and processes of marketing to develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing plans. As an account manager, you'll be responsible for overseeing the proper functioning of an advertising or marketing campaign, from informing designers to managing budgets and maintaining good relationships with customers. Effective marketing involves examining every aspect of the business and analyzing the customer experience at every stage of the sale. BLS calculates the median using the salaries of workers across the country with different levels of education and experience and does not reflect the incomes of GCU graduates as advertising, promotion and marketing managers.

In short, marketing is a discipline that deals with publicizing the products or services offered by public and private entities alike. Complete the form on this page to learn more about the Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Advertising at GCU today. You can earn a degree in marketing at different levels of education, each with their own requirements and areas of emphasis.

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