What do you believe digital marketing will look like in 5 years?

What will digital marketing be like in 5 years? Predictions · Social networks: 59% · Web: 53% · Mobile apps: 47% · Mobile web: 46% · Email: 36% · Direct mail —. Fortunately, there are already tools like Hootsuite that allow companies to maintain a unified omnipresence. In the coming years, companies will be able to integrate their core message and their value proposition for the specific target audience in several channels. A unified omnichannel digital marketing strategy will allow more companies to understand changes in the behavior, location and preferences of their customers.

Now you can see how things have tilted in the marketing industry for 10 years. So what will happen in the next decade or five years from now? For example, this digital marketing agency in Brisbane, Australia, already offers programmatic advertising services worldwide. The rise of voice recognition technologies means that digital marketers will be able to provide more accurate voice search results for advertising campaigns and boost SEO efforts. Even so, it's worth thinking about the future; the most successful content marketers are often the ones who outperform their competitors in the market, so there's no doubt that early adoption has value.

Of course, the mechanics of a smart tool are important, but companies that plan to expand their digital marketing approach will see the most positive results. Most people know very well when they are being promoted, most people have adapted to a way of thinking, the key is to have the ability to reach people and inform them, instead of projecting their brand in a general way towards them. Marketing has existed for hundreds of years, but only in the last 20 years has digital marketing evolved into what it is today. If you want to be the first to cross the line in your future marketing, but you're not sure what trends will benefit your brand, a gamification campaign could be the springboard you need to take the next step towards successful marketing.

Brands will become more agile and will see how creative and digital agencies will be transformed into one, since ideas must be implemented coherently on all channels simultaneously. Marketers, often emboldened by their own direct relationships with big technology companies (driven with enormous effort and expense by companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter), are beginning to suspect that, in some cases, it is they who are driving the marketing innovation agenda, not their agencies. The fact that they are social networks no longer matters; they are part of the marketing mix and offer brands the kind of reach that they only have a few times a year on television. Small businesses that want to go with the flow of digital marketing can afford to overlook emerging trends in the industry.

Leaving aside this “Caveat Emptor”, let's take a look at what the advertising and marketing landscape could look like in 2030. To get a little perspective on the future of digital marketing in 2030, we'll show you real-world scenarios of how several technological giants operating at this time began their journey in digital marketing. It goes without saying that new strategic digital marketing efforts will allow companies to set a new precedent. With diverse clients around the world, Jason's team is well-connected to many industries to help you with your marketing strategies.

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